Things I love

I really enjoy perusing through blogs and saving pictures as inspiration. I love finding something that gives me hope for our new house.

I've found a few things lately that I thought I'd share. Here goes:
I wish I knew where this picture was from, but I don't remember. Stephen has been looking for a vintage drink cart to put in the dining room. I love this one. It's simple, dainty and looks darling holding books and some milk glass. I'm always looking for ways to display my ever growing collection of milk glass!

I love this photo because it has the same chairs we bought for the dining room! I love the curved back and the simple structure. I also love the gray color on the walls. It's so calming with the white breezy curtains.

I.have.this.dresser! Thank you craigslist! Now, mine is a little different. First of all, it's a weird white with a laminate top (how do I begin to repaint that??). I can't wait to refinish mine and get it ready for the guest room. It's going to take lots of time, but I can't wait! PS- I also found the exact same mirror you see in the above picture, on craigslist, for $20! I love it.

That's all I have for today. I will be documenting my move and packing and what I will be placing on craigslist too! I have some fun things that I just don't have a need for anymore, so hopefully they will find a good home!